Entry #1

Hey Guys :D

2011-07-01 19:04:47 by DJDubMentia

What's up everybody!
DJ DubMentia here to brighten things up :D
Just an FYI, I'm not new here. I've done all this stuff before (uploading music, etc) but now I'm under my Dubstep music name! Right now, I'm getting the, "Not a valid MP3" error message, but as soon as it lets me upload, and a mod approves my music, things'll be going great ^-^
Hope you guys'll be looking out for my music in the near future!
Also, thanks for taking time out of your day to read this pointless post and for somewhat supporting me ^-^
Wish me luck and have a great day!
-DJ Dubmentia

I just tried again, and it let me upload! :D
Now I'm just waiting for the mod approval. Wish me luck!

-DJ DubMentia


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